Our facilitators 

Nour KDN

Founder -Facilitator 

Tarek ghriri 

Founder -Facilitator 

Music From hope is a personal initiative by 2 Syrians artist living currently in Toronto , both have experience working with children in refugee camps in Lebanon and with non for profit foundations in Toronto 

Founders Nour and Tarek , both had been working and facilitating workshops since 2012 .

Their journey started in Damascus Syria , with workshop dedicated to art and moppet theatre in schools

Them moved to Lebanon to work in teaching and music .

In 2016 , they received their first training with Sounds of change , in refugee camp of Shateela , Beirut , Lebanon , and since then they have been facilitating workshops in Beirut and Toronto , Canada

In 2018 , Music For Hope receive Grand funding from Toronto Art council funding their project to facilitate  30 workshops in cooperation with Costi