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Music from Hope training educates, We facilitate by working with music, to support the social-emotional development of children.

  Basic Program    

The training supports not only children , but youth,Adults, educators and aid workers in using more artistic, playful and creative tools in their regular (school)program. The training introduces tools and insights about how the power of music can support working with traumatized children, boost creativity, work with chaos control in a positive and creative way and how music can improve compassionate communication.These essential life skills and competencies will enable children to engage and connect with their communities and build trust and confidence to work in groups and collaborate on plans and projects. By providing a safe space where children can learn and freely express themselves, they can explore possibilities and embark on opportunities for a positive and prosperous future

  Custom Program   

In our trainings we integrate the knowledge, experience and questions of the participants, to help customize towards the needs of the participants and the children they work with. In combination with our exercises, theory and stories, we facilitate a process in which people will learn from each other and learn by doing: action based learning.

How we work 

We bring our workshops to participant along with Musical instruments, that are essential for the workshops ,we will  provide any needed instruments to the site of the training .  

Our training is designed to meet the need of the group, Facilitators will study the group needs , and design a program that can meet those need in fun, playful ways, we will relay on communication, group participation , non violent communication , creativity of the group , and fun, to create one of a participants experience