Tarek ghriri

Toronto, ON


Guitarist , musician , started his career as a musician in 2005 ,since then he has been playing and teaching music in school in Syria, Lebanon and Toronto , got his training in child and youth activities with Sounds of change foundation in Beirut in 2016 , since then he  has been working with children in camps of Lebanon and with kids in Toronto , focusing in children and youth who come from conflicted of post conflicted arias helping them to integrate to their new home



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Tareq began playing guitar when he was 14 years old, influenced by the artistic environment in Damascus. He mixes #flamenco with traditional Arabic melodies to revive his own heritage while paying homage to another.

After all the music Tareq loved vanished during the Syrian crisis, music again saved his life when he was jobless and living in exile after fleeing his home in Damascus in 2013, giving him new hope and a source of inspiration. Once in Toronto, Tareq decided to make a living through music, and notes he sees its effect on his family, friends, and fellow musicians and artists who are touched by the music and often also collaborate, adding their own touch to make the outcome richer and unique.
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