Nour Kdn

Toronto, ON


 A motivated child care specialist with over 6 years’ experience in various Humanitarian Agencies,

Musician and music activates facilitator , got her training in child and youth activities with Sounds of change foundation in Beirut in 2016 , since then she has been working with children in camps of Lebanon and with kids in Toronto , focusing in children and youth who come from conflicted of post conflicted arias helping them to integrate to their new home

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Nour Kdn began learning percussion in 2011 in Damascus, Syria which she then used in camps in Damascus & Lebanon, writing & playing music with children. She experienced how music can help children express their feelings, overcome trauma, and find commonalities with each other through making music, playing rhythms, and creating simple songs and beats.

Nour is a core member of the Syrian-Flamenco band Diar, who create Arabic music infused with Flamenco flavour, an original genre that reflects the musicians' backgrounds and memories. Nour still inspires young people through music in the Music from Hope collective, a creative outlet where children can break emotional barriers, and establish friendships by creating music collaboratively.

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