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Music From Hope is an ​artistic collective.

Music From Hope program is structured to help participants reflect their culture, use music as activity, aiming to help individuals from different backgrounds, express themselves, network with their peers, find sanctuary, resilience, strength, and expression through using music/musical instruments in interactive group setting. We urge participants to overcome personal barriers, share their culture, experiences, and artistic backgrounds in fun, playful manners. We aim to establish positive communication, sympathy and empathy with all participants.

Our mission is to bring music, the joy that music can bring, and the skills music can introduce to participants from (post) or conflict areas, and also to participants from hosting communities. Our vision is to help participants acclimate, find new ways to communicate with their new communities. This program is also designed to help students in schools find new ways to communicate and create new sounds by facilitating group work effect on music creation.


Though established in Canada in 2017, our operations started long before that in refugee camps in Lebanon 2016 and shelters in Syria 2012. Music From hope is a personal initiative by 2 Syrians artist living currently in Toronto, both having experience in working with children in refugee camps in Lebanon and with non-for-profit foundations in Toronto. Founders Nour and Tarek, had been working and facilitating workshops since 2012 with their journey started in Damascus, Syria, with workshop dedicated to art and moppet theatre in schools, then moved to Lebanon to work in teaching and music.​ In 2016, they received their first training with Sounds of Change, in refugee camp of Shateela, Beirut, Lebanon. Since then, they have been facilitating workshops in Beirut and Toronto, Canada​. In 2018, Music From Hope receive Grand funding from Toronto Art Council to facilitate 30 workshops in cooperation with Costi. Our operations for 2018, 2019, 2020 were supported by: Toronto Arts foundation and Ontario Arts foundation.Which helped us to bring more than 60 Workshops to newcomer children in welcoming centers around Toronto.

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